Just A Thought…

Just A Thought…

I find it interesting that Covid-19 is taking place during the season of Lent, a time of fasting from the earthly things of life, of leaving the old behind, of learning to do without.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

Just a thought…..



This post was originally posted on Waterside Community.

Originally faith meant we trust in God and follow the example of the Divine in all we do. Have we drifted away from that? Are we more focused on our schedules and our “stuff” than we ought to be?



We have been trying to implement our own shelter in place and social distancing. But yesterday we really needed to get to the grocery store. So we headed to Costco and Publix. I was apprehensive about doing because I’m nervous about this virus. The Infection Control nurse in my has my danger signals going off. I keep praying that we all stay healthy. So many of my family members are unable to just stay at home. We are thankful that our sons are able to work from home, but our daughter in law’s are not able to do so. My brother works at a grocery store, is putting in very long hours and has said that it is absolutely crazy with people in the store.

Anyway, back to Publix and Costco. We were impressed by the measures Costco is taking. They had someone up front completely washing down the carts, then they had a sign inside instructing people to keep a distance from others, cover any sneezes or coughs and they were limiting member admission. At the check out they had tape on the floor separating people by 6 feet. Only one person was allowed at the check out at a time. All checkers had gloves on. I didn’t even take my purse in and we had sanitizer with us in the store. There were several large groups of people obviously shopping together and it was quite a challenge to keep a 6 foot distance in the meat and produce areas. We quickly got what we needed and did our best.

Publix was more disappointing to me. We couldn’t tell whether the cart had been wiped down. The guy at the door said it had, but not really sure in my mind. There were very little paper products, no beans or rice, not much bread. But, all other groceries were plentiful although they were limiting the amounts of certain items you could purchase, like 2 packages of ground meat and 1 loaf of bread. It was fairly busy, but not hard to keep our distance from people throughout the store. The frustration and fear came at the check out. No distance maintained between people. The cashier or packer did not have gloves on. When I mentioned that I was surprised they did not have gloves on he just stared at me like I was crazy. I explained that I was concerned about their protection because of the possible transmission from the products. I then added that infection control nurse in me never leaves, even after retirement and I was concerned about their safety. He glared at me and then told me I sounded like his wife also a retired nurse. I should’ve replied back that maybe he should listen to his wife. The young girl packing our groceries just stared at me.

So when we returned home we immediately washed our hands and wiped everything down that we bought with Lysol wipes.

We will continue to carry hand sanitizer with us. We will continue to practice our own social distancing and shelter in place. We are saving money by not going out to eat, challenging ourselves with coming up with different meals and trying to be creative with keeping ourselves active!

Please do the same and help flatten the curve!

He Is Here!

He Is Here!

A girl..

A boy..

An angel…

An announcement





More waiting..

A trip..

A manger

A Birth!!!!!


The waiting is over, the anticipation is done. A child is born to bring hope, love, joy, goodwill and peace on earth.

May your days be filled with the hope, love, joy, goodwill and peace that He brings to all!