On Saturday, as we were working in the garage, a parishioner showed up with the county sheriff. We knew this couldn’t be good news, but we never knew how the news that was being brought to us was going to impact so many people. Their 24 year old son had been tragically killed in a motorcycle accident sometime in the early morning hours of Saturday. Living in the rural area of a small town we knew that the news would travel fast and that there would soon be many folks that would be gathering at their home to bring food, love, support, hugs and just their presence. As we pulled up to the house a few hours later the lane was teaming with cars. It immediately brought to mind how the small town where our daughter-in-law’s family lived must have rallied around the family when her young cousin suddenly died this past fall. There aren’t any words that anyone can even bring to a mom and dad when they are faced with their worst nightmare. I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a child and this was very close to home since their sons are close to our sons ages. So this past weekend was filled with spending time talking with those that have known this young man and listening to their stories about him.
But, nothing prepared us for what we would see this evening…. As we sat watching TV Jon received a phone call from the mom asking us to come over to see the casket. You see their son was a car detailer and rebuilt car engines, as are many in this small town where we live. We knew that his brother had asked to paint his casket and had asked his brothers best friend to help him. Keeping in mind that these are young guys in their 20’s having to deal with this tragic death that may very well be the first one they’ve dealt with in their young lives. As we walked into the barn there were Cody and Darren there sharing their labor of love. The casket was painted with flames of fire, resembling the flames you might see on a race car. It was absolutely awesome to see and how therapeutic this was for the guys to be working on it. As we stood and watched we also listened to stories of Devin and how he lived life to the fullest. It wasn’t a sad time, but truly a celebration of his life! So in the midst of this tragedy, Devin continued to bring love and life to those that were working on his casket and sharing his life with each other.
God most certainly had a purpose for Devin! We hold his family in our prayers and know that he is wrapped in God’s love!