It has been a very emotional week for everyone here. Wednesday afternoon Jon and I went to Devin’s visitation. I’ve not ever seen so many flowers, wonderful plaque and expressions of love, support, and sorrow in any one place. There had to be almost at least a dozen sets of wind chimes that were given to the family. Donations of trees to be planted in his memory, photo collages of his life, Willow Tree figurines, a video display of a choir concert at his high school graduation, a table with all sorts of his personal items (cell phone, gospel stickers he collected, etc). and there were even 2 engine components sitting by the casket. The one thing that really brought tears to my eyes was his baptismal gown hanging by all his other personal belongings. We were there early in the day and waited in line for about 30 min. At 9:30 there was still a line outside the funeral home and from what we heard they waited in line until 12:30.
Yesterday was the funeral and the weather yesterday was absolutely horrible. It rained, no not just rain, but poured and the wind blew so hard that I thought we were all going to end up on the east coast. The folks that went to the cemetery for the internment were soaked when they came back.  The funeral director said it was the worst that he has ever had with the rain and wind.  The church was packed, along with the overflow room and for the dinner we had people sitting in the sunday school rooms.  I've never seen anything like it in my entire life. So in the midst of all the tears that have been shed this week Devin’s life most certainly has been celebrated by everyone involved!
It was a very, very emotionally and physically draining day.  But the culmination of the week came last night at our progression worship experience. Seeing as how so many that came have been so highly affected by Devin’s death, a time to come together in the presence of our loving Father and to have Him wrap His arms around all of us was exactly what we all needed so badly. We are thankful that we had this time together as we ended a very emotionally and physically draining week. God most certainly gave us our strength back as we finished the week and head into the weekend.