This has been one wild week full of emotions and thoughts coming from every region of my little brain! 3 months ago a family in our congregation had a grandson that was born with a hole in his little heart. It was touch and go for a while shortly after his birth, but after at least one very successful surgery the hole was repaired and he has been flourishing, growing and charming the hearts of his family for the past 3 months. Everyone has known that he will need to have additional surgeries as he grows, but the emergency surgery he needed to have last Thursday was unexpected news to everyone. So in the midst of grieving for Devin and lifting up prayers for his family we have also been keeping this precious little gift in our prayers as well. Friday morning he turned critical and they ended up doing CPR on him for over 45 min. Monday I rode shotgun with Jon as he went to make a hospital call. I normally don’t go into the visit with Jon , but it happened that we ran into his grandpa in the lobby as we were walking into the hospital and so I ended up going in with him. The answer as to why I never did Pediatric Intensive Care was very clear to me. As I entered the room my heart ached for his mom and dad and family as I saw him lying in the crib attached to life support, IV’s from everywhere, his little eyes closed, breathing gently. Although the heart machine was no longer running, the tubes were still present. But as I looked at him I saw his little chest was still open and I could see his precious little God given heart beating softly. The awesomeness of our God came rushing into my soul, but also the overwhelming thought of what if God chooses to take this precious little bundle home to Him? Thoughts that none of us want to think about, but we know that it is a possibility. The nurses were drawing blood from one of his ports and, knowing how connected to my patients I always became, I thought about how exhausting this must be for them also, not only physically, but more so emotionally. I turned to Jon and told him this is why I could have never done PICU. So here we are to Saturday- Connor is still hanging in there and it is so evident that God has His wonderful, loving, hands of our abba wrapped around him and his family. If you’re reading this and you feel inclined- lift them up in your prayers.
So we head into the week, the sun is shining, the trees are budding, the rains have come in downpours and in the midst of all of the torrential rains God blesses us again as we have another awesome time in His presence at Thursday night Progression. How awesome it is to see everyone come together for fellowship, prayer, teaching and lifting up our praise to God as we learn to connect with each other, but most important with Him.
This weekend we are attending a worship summit conference. Last night was the opening worship and during that time I thought about the responsibility God has given us as we are given gifts that we are to use in serving Him. It made my mind swim, but also made me so proud that God chose me to carry out His mission in this tough part of Eastern Iowa! How cool is that. So we are off to the second half of our conference. More God time for a God given day! WOW!!!