Just some random thoughts going through my head- of course they enter when I’m lying in bed at night trying to go to sleep!

  1. O.K. I’m hooked! I’ve become a computer geek. I’m hopelessly hooked on facebook, twitter, & my blog. But, not only those- I’ve got church’s facebook, twitter, websites, and blogs that I’m keeping track of. I have to use two different browsers to be able to keep myself straight when I’m working on stuff. Last night I was bound and determined to figure something out on one of the websites- all of a sudden it was midnight.
  2. I’m also hooked on these stupid games. Zuma – I’m bound and determined to beat the gauntlet game. I can only get myself up to Sun-3 and then I start loosing my frogs, even though I’ve got maybe 6 of them when I hit that level. But, that’s not all- now there’s word twist, bubble words and scrabble on facebook. Not to mention L’l green patch and all those other applications that are there.
  1. Two newspaper articles that have caught my eye. One was about the guy that shot his lawnmower because it wouldn’t start! Guess they tried to charge him with something and his reply was “It’s my lawnmower and my yard. If I was to shoot it I will” Here’s the article on CNN. The second article was about some psycho that stabbed and beheaded the passenger sitting next to him on a Greyhound bus. Where were all the other people on the bus?? Why didn’t someone stop him. It’s not easy to behead someone! Whoa- left me speechless!
  1. I’m sure I“ll be back with more. You never know what weird stories are going to hit the papers, or what I’ll be getting myself into next!