Jon and I have a personal relationship with Faith Missions International and their orphanage in Haiti. We received this e-mail today from FMI.
We have an urgent prayer request that involves another region of the Western Hemisphere. Please lift the nation of Haiti in prayer this week.
Faith Missions International (FMI) / The Heartland Gatekeeper ministry partners in Haiti called early Tuesday morning, Sept. 2, with reports of flooding in the city of Gonaives where our orphanage is located. Floodwaters rose during the night causing people to climb to their rooftops for safety. The children in the orphanage moved to the second story, but did not have time to carry food supplies with them. Their food was lost in the rising waters and they are now stranded on the second floor with no food or water as roads in and around the area remain covered with water. The rains causing this flooding are a result of hurricane Hanna, which is expected to reach the East coast of the U.S. later this week.
FMI Orphanage director, Smith Bordenave, had traveled to the capitol city of Port au Prince on Monday, Sept. 1, as he was en route to New Jersey to assist his wife and son in return travel to Haiti after their much needed time of rest and her recovery following a miscarriage earlier this summer. The only road back into Gonaives from Port au Prince is now under water making it impossible for Smith to return to the children in the orphanage. American Airlines, the only major U.S. airline that flies into Haiti, has shut down all service to Haiti until Sunday, Sept. 7.
Please keep our ministry friends, the 40 children in the FMI orphanage, and the nation of Haiti in your prayers.