Jon and I have some very close friends that recently retired and moved to Conroe, TX, north of Houston. They called on Friday night and at that time they were hunkered down waiting for the hurricane. Last night they called and said that although they didn’t receive the brunt of the storm it is a mess there.  It came in around 2:30 a.m on Sat. morning, around 4 they were in the eye, but then an hour later when the west wall of the storm hit it was really bad.  That lasted until about noon.  She said that they will never forget the sound of the wind and the banging of the storm.  They didn’t have any damage to their home, but their pool has a big pine tree branch in it along with all the needles, pine oil etc. The subdivision that they live in has a restriction on how many trees you are allowed to cut down when building, so you can imagine a very dense, piney area after the storm.  They are without electricity and water, although she said that they do have sporadic phone service.  But they can’t really go anywhere because the stores are out of food and there isn’t any gas anywhere to be had.  She said that if they don’t have any services in a couple of days when their food runs out they will see if they can get up to St. Louis where her daughter lives.  But she said that it is just devastated there. She can’t even imagine or fathom what it must be like in Galveston as they are actually 100 miles north! We just ask that everyone would lift them in your prayers. Thanks!