Jon and I love to bike and when we lived in Council Bluffs we tried to get at least 18-20 miles/week in on a good ride. So when we moved here we were excited to be in the country where we could ride without having to load the bikes up on the car and drive 15-20 minutes to the trails. We soon found out that there are some pretty tough hills in the country of Monticello (yes I am wimpy when it comes to hills), the wind is always at a gale force and you take your life in your hands riding a bike on the roads around here either from the cars barreling down the road at 65 mph or you choke on the dust from the gravel roads. So today we loaded the bikes up on the back of the car and headed into Cedar Rapids to this wonderful biking trail that we discovered sometime during the summer when we were also trying to find places to walk other than the country roads.
That being said we headed out, armed with oatmeal cookies, Pearson nut rolls (sustenance you know), camera, cell phones (in case we needed help but I don’t know who we would’ve called).
It was an absolute beautiful day with a light breeze as we started out and about 73 degrees. I love this trail that we have walked on because there are tons of wild flowers and prairie grass lining the trail. We headed north and soon we were pretty much out of the city and in the country side of Cedar Rapids. We had an absolute blast despite being attacked by a monarch butterfly that flew right into my face, the snake that Jon ran over and it bounced back to my bike trying to hitch a ride with me but my loud scream gave it second thoughts (yep, I can multi-task while riding), discovering some beautiful yellow and black bird feathers along the path that at one time must’ve belonged to a bird but obviously was somethings lunch.
We didn’t see any mile markers along the way and so we had no idea how far we had ridden and the path had turned from blacktop to gravel, narrowing as we went. I kind of felt as if I was in the “Wizard of Oz” following the gravel road and not knowing where I was going. Soon we came to a major trailhead with a map!!! Hallelujah.
We discovered we were in Lafayette, which I think the last time anyone was there must’ve been in the days of Lafayette!

Of course, on the way back we had our normal uphill, wind in the face ride back but it sure felt good to get those wheels spinning again! It was an awesome day- 16 miles round trip- not bad for the first time out this year.
If you’d like to see more pictures of our ride, check them out on my website!