Iowans love their football and it was certainly evident on Saturday at the Iowa Game. It’s been a long time since we’ve actually gone to a Big 10 college game, but living in Madison we haven’t forgotten the excitement and the fever that goes along with being in the midst of the game crowd. Shortly after we moved here Jon had to go to Iowa City to make a hospital visit at University Hospital during the same time a game was going on. In fact, it might’ve been homecoming, just as it was this past weekend. University hospital is situated right next to Kinnick stadium. In fact, if you stand in the upper levels of the parking ramp you can actually see into the stadium and watch the game, which we happened to do a little on that Sat. So, when some friends called on Thursday to find out if we would like to go to the game we didn’t hesitate! How in the world could we say no!!! Since it was an early game we needed to leave Monti by 6:30. Gotta get that tailgating in you know. I have to tell you it was an absolute blast.
First of all, I’ve not ever eaten M&M’s, chips, pretzels, etc. at 8 a.m. And to top it off, I’ve not ever, ever eaten a pork tenderloin sandwich at 9:30 a.m., even when I was working nights at the hospital did I eat such things (or drink certain things) at such odd hours of the morning.
We were packed in like loving sardines behind a private house, which from what I understand they make a killing every weekend from everyone parking there to tailgate. Around 10:30 we joined the throng of people migrating to the stadium, found our seats and were again packed in like loving sardines. Except for the fact that Iowa gave the game away after half-time we had an absolute blast. I had forgotten how much fun game day can be!
So thanks to Rich and LouAnn for including us in on the fun!!  (more pics)