This past weekend our good friends, Brian and Sara and Emma, visited us from across the state. It’s the first that we’ve seen Emma since she was born shortly after we moved to Monti.

We started the weekend out on Friday with a food feast of just about every breakfast food you could imagine. The red raspberries are ripening in our yard and it was fun to watch Emma explore some really squishy and messy red raspberries. Of course, I think that she had more on her than actually made into her mouth.
Since it was a beautiful fall day we decided to head to Galena, Il. where we just did some exploring of the stores, and generally enjoyed the town and the beauty of the fall trees.

Of course we had to check out the toy stores, gorge ourselves on way too much fried food (which didn't set well with some of us) and try on goofy hats! Saturday was pretty much a chill day with a quick drive into Cedar Rapids to show Brian and Sara the devastation of the floods. We ended the day at a really awesome watering hole that we’ve been hearing so much about, “The General Store”, in Stone City.

What a great dive where we devoured pizza, a tenderloin as big as a tire and of course a couple of brews. All we needed was some leather chaps and a Harley and we most definitely would’ve fit in with the crowd. We really had such a great time with them and it was a great fall weekend!
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