Valentines Day
I’ve been watching the TV series “The Office”.  I started out watching the BBC series so I could get an idea what was behind the American version. I remember watching the 1st episode of the 1st season with Justin and so I was curious to see the rest of the episodes.  And being a huge fan of Steve Carrell I really wanted to see the American made version and to see where it went from there.
I have to say that it has been an interesting run so far.  First of all, if you’ve ever worked in an environment portrayed on this series, which I have, you may find it somewhat painful to watch, which I did.  There were times that I had these horrible flashbacks to events that occurred in my workplace, which shall remain anonymous!  But, I do have to admit that as much as it was painful to watch these poor folks trying to get through a work day, I also had to laugh at the side conversations and rolling of the eyes that took place between them, of which I too have been part of.
A couple of interesting facts that I have discovered since watching the series.

  • Ricky Gervais and the rest of the cast from the BBC series were unknowns in the world of Brit TV.  This was intentional on the part of the writers, etc. so that folks could possibly identify with just everyday people and not well known celebs.
  • Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant are the executive producers of the American version.
  • Some of the episodes in the American version have been written by B.J. Novak, who plays the temp.
  • I’m thinking that we Americans do have a warped sense of humor and maybe even drier than the Brits- the British version lasted 2 seasons, the American version is on it’s 5th season.

If you have a chance to rent the BBC series, make sure to watch the special edition, which takes place 3 years after the “documentary” was first filmed.  It comes to a very interesting close, actually gives some hope to their lives, and sheds some interesting facts about the show.
So, for those of you that have either worked in an environment like “The Office” or are in one now you may find it somewhat painful, but funny and know that you aren’t the only one in that situation!  After all where in the world would they have gotten the idea for this series!!!
Right now I’m on Season 2, Episode #208- “E-mail Surveillance”.  We’ll see how it unfolds and if I actually can continue to endure the flashbacks!