Jon and I are so blessed by what God has given us!

Happy New Year!
First off, we have what I consider to be the best family on the earth and so we just want to say thanks to our sons and daughter-in-laws for a Christmas that we will cherish for all of 2009 (and of course then some).  Living 5 hours away, 2 churchworkers in the family, and other family committment and schedules, just to be able to gather together any where around Christmas is an accomplishment in itself.  But, to be able to actually gather on Christmas Day took some major planning on the part of our kids.  So we are so blessed that we were all able to gather in MN for the day for a an absolutely wonderful day filled with love, fun, laughter, teasing, tradition food (awesome job guys on the rouladen and the PB cake) and an extra blessing of evening of worship with Brett & Heather at Mercy Seat.  Then to be able to spend more time with Brett & Heather on Friday was an extra bonus to the weekend. So to that we say thank you guys- you rock!
To be able to make it through the shopping day on Friday among all the sales, which we did get some good bargain, we are grateful!  To make it home through the ice storm, we know that God was guiding our car, despite the fact that at times I felt as if I were on a Tilt-A-Whirl!
Taco Time!
And finally to end our Christmas Celebration with our friends here at home as we gathered here at our house for so much food we don’t know when we will all need to eat again, games galore, laughter, friendship and  knowing that this is just the beginning we are so richly blessed.
So as we head into 2009 we want to wish all of you the most Happiest New Year and pray that you are showered with as many blessings as we find ourselves flooded with!  We pray that your cup runs over!
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