In looking for some old photos for Friday night when we get together with my high school friend Jon and I decided that we need to get all of our pictures of the kids on the computer and then on a DVD.  We have a boat load of photo albums that I’ve filled throughout the 32 years we’ve been married, a fair amount of my own photos that I took as a kids, plus this big bankers box of photos that never made it into albums starting in 1981. Thank goodness a couple of years ago I decided to categorize all the photos in the box by year. So, right now I’ve started with the easiest task and decided to tackle the box first beginning in 1981 work my way through up to the albums and other photo boxes stacked sky high in a closet.  How am I doing? Well, let’s just say that so far 2 pictures have gone off in e-mail to the kids and that’s only out of 2/3 packs from 1981! Guess I’m a little engrossed in looking at the pictures. Funny how I can really remember where and when they were taken! It’s been fun so far and I’ve already warned the guys that there will be more coming. And Lisa, Andy, Shavonne, Eric, Joel if you’re reading this- beware. And to all of J &B’s friends on facebook— I haven’t even gotten to the high school ones yet! Don’t worry I’ll be kind. 🙂