I’ve only become a fan of “Desperate Housewives” in the last year or so. At times I find the show very bizarre and off the wall and other times I find that as I watch it there are some real messages that come of of the show. Messages about family, friends, bonds, truth, and life in general. Last nights episode was one of those times. The Wisteria Lane handyman Eli Scruggs, played by Beau Bridges, decides to retire and on his last day of service he dies of a heart attack on top of Susan’s roof while fixing some shingles. Typical beginning to the show. But, as the show goes on it turns into one of the sweetest shows that I have ever seen. As the ladies are planning his memorial service each one of them remembers how Eli impacted their lives, made a difference to them and their families. He was an all around handyman, fixing not only material objects, but lives too. As the show ends, they are lowering his casket to the grave, Bree asks them to wait, places a stray rose in the spray on top of the casket saying something to the effect of “I wanted to fix something for Eli this time”.
How many times do we remember those that have fixed something in our lives? and how many times do we wait too long to fix something for them?
My thanks to the producers of “Desperate Housewives” for a truly moving episode.