So there is this thing going around Facebook – 25 Random Things About Me. When you are finished you are supposed to tag others to do the same. I have to say that it really has been very interesting to learn things about your Facebook friends that you may not have know otherwise. I have to say that the ones I’ve had so the most fun reading has been our sons and our daughter-in-laws! It’s always interesting to see what others are going to write and also to see who isn’t going to follow through on their tag! And I do have a few of those. Of course, for myself it’s been fun putting those random thoughts out there since that is one of the reasons why I blog- just random thoughts that come to my mind! But, how many really care? Now that would be the interesting thing to find out. So if anyone out there in my blog land that may not be on my facebook- if you are interested you can check out my “25 Random Things About Me”. I’ve even added 25 more random things!