It’s been a while since I’ve actually blogged much of anything so I guess maybe that says a lot for what is going on in my life!  Not much of anything earth shattering or exciting.  So, I thought I’d just throw out some random thoughts and things that have been going on.
1.    I’m waiting patiently for spring, although after sitting in the house yesterday after a snow storm on Friday night and winds so strong they destroyed a wind turbine here in Eastern Iowa and then walking around Cedar Rapids in the cold I can honestly say that my patience is becoming very short.  I’m ready to see the daffodils popping their sweet, little heads out of the ground, the green grass and the beautiful white flower buds on our apple and pear trees!  Spring can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.
2.    It seems as if we have these weekend storms that like to come in on Friday night into Saturday.  So to alleviate the cabin fever that it doesn’t take long to hit we’ve been watching a lot of movies such as, Eagle Eye, Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda, Tropic Thunder,  & The Dark Knight.  All great movies, some of which are up for some kind of Oscar tonight, but one that really touched our hearts was one called God Grew Tired Of Us, a very moving movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan.  If anyone has a chance I most certainly would recommend watching it.
3.    I’m in the midst of a project that has been bringing back so many wonderful memories of our kids as they were growing up.  Jon & I decided that we needed to get all of our pictures of the kids that aren’t in photo albums or picture frames onto a CD.  So th scanning project began.  1876 pictures later I’m almost done.  Next is to finish organizing and then get them burned onto a CD.  It’s taken me a bit longer because I kept wanting to send pictures to the kids.  Brett finally told me he wanted to be surprised when I was finished.  If anyone is interested in seeing any previews you can check them out on my facebook photo albums.
4.    A couple of weeks ago we went to the Chris Tomlin “Hello Love” Concert with Israel Houghton.  It was an awesome night of song and worship!  What a boost to a long winter!
5.    As I’m sitting here writing this I’m watching The Barbara Walters Special and waiting for the Oscar’s show to come on.  It will be an interesting night.  Will Heath Ledger win?  He most certainly deserves it for an awesome performance.  So tune into ABC tonight for what will be an interesting night.  If nothing else it will be worth it to watch Hugh Jackman as the new host.
So those are just a few little highlights and the random thoughts that are floating through my brain right now.  Maybe I’ll soon have an epiphany and the old brain cells will be a little more earth shattering!
Be blessed everyone!