I’m wishing it were spring, so I attempting to find some sure signs.

  1. St. Patrick’s Day is almost here- I’ve got my Ireland shirt ready and Guinness in the fridge.
  2. We spring forward next weekend.
  3. It’s light when we get up in the morning
  4. It’s still light at 6:00 when we eat dinner
  5. We are seeing more Bald Eagles in the fields around the countryside
  6. The guys at church are talking crops
  7. The snow birds are thinking about coming home
  8. The bulb and veggie catalogs are showing up in the mail
  9. Cadbury Easter Eggs are in my candy jar!
  10. The daytime normal temp has climbed into the 20-30 degree area!

Hope is out there! Take that Mr. Groundhog!!!!