I love my new desk calendar “By the Light of the Psalms”. Each day brings a new verse from the Psalms, along with a sweet thought about that particular verse. This morning it really caught my eye. Here’s the first part of today’s Psalm.

“The Sparrow hath found a nest.” Psalm 84:3.

About 4 weeks ago we noticed a momma robin fervently making a nest on one of our upstairs bedroom windowsills. As she was creating this new home for her soon to be babies the weather turned cold with gale force winds and tons of rain. We kept checking to see how she was doing and found her constantly hunkered down in her nest protecting her new home from the elements. Soon there were 3 eggs in the nest. We thought for sure we would find the eggs blown down off the sill and laying on the sidewalk below. Then one day — 3 baby robins appeared. The wind kept blowing, momma robin kept sitting in her nest protecting her new babies just as so many of us do with our children. How quickly they grew in a couple of weeks! And the other day we see three little robins lined up on the windowsill waiting to test their wings!
It has made me really think about God’s creation surrounding us that we so frequently take for granted. Momma robin could’ve so easily chosen a safe spot on a lower branch of a tree protected by the wind. Instead, in my mind, she took a step out in faith, built her nest on a second story window sill pretty much in the open with nothing to protect her from predators, the wind, rain, or cold except the little corner where sill meets house. Did she know that God would protect even her, a little robin, just a bird? Do we have that kind of faith and trust too?
Here’s the second part of today’s calendar:

No detail too small in the Kingdom of God