09-logoToday is the Indy 500 and a day filled with really cool memories! This was always the weekend that my folks would open up the pool at home and I remember listening to the race on the radio as we pulled the cover, hosed down the pool deck, pulled out the lawn chairs and could hardly wait until the water was sparkling clean and ready for us to swim. A Memorial Day tradition in the Rath household which continued after we were married and moved away. For some reason the Indy 500 captured my attention and became our family tradition, even listening to it whenever I had to work on that Sunday of the race.
So, you can imagine the excitement in our family the year that Brett was living in Indy and got to go to the race. I remember telling Jon it would be so awesome if he called from the track and no sooner had I said that my phone rang. “Mom, I’m at the track at it’s awesome”. Of course all I could hear was the vroommmm of the cars as they sped by and a very faint voice telling me how cool it was. The race was called part-way through because of rain, but just being there was enough for Brett. I remember the next year when Justin & Susie got married Brett’s remark to his brother was “I must really love you- I’m missing the Indy 500 for your wedding”!
As Jon and I turned the TV on this afternoon, listened to Jim Nabors sing “Back Home Again In Indiana” and heard the traditional “Gentlemen (and ladies, now) start your engines, the memories all come flooding back. I couldn’t resist sending Brett and text today as the opening ceremonies began- “Gentlemen start your engines”. Yep, he’ll probably think his mom has totally lost it, but deep down inside I know it will also bring back some sweet memories for him as well.
What an awesome start to an even more wonderful holiday weekend!