When I reflect back on events that have taken place or are taking place in our family I’m always so amazed at God’s timing and also reminded that He is in charge and in control. For me it’s such a lesson in fully putting my trust in Him. So here’s what’s been happening. Our son and daughter-in-law moved to Minneapolis last year and at that time put their Omaha house up for sale. Now for anyone that has been through the selling process I’m sure you can empathize with us on the frustration, worry, stress and many prayers that are lifted up during the process. We swing into this year, still no sale. The market falls, more worry, stress and of course, many more prayers. Many showings, hopes of someone being interested, but still no sale. All of a sudden about a month ago Justin calls and they’ve got a buyer! As we get ready to head over to Omaha to help them load the truck with their belongings I began to reflect about the entire process & how we have always told our sons that if something is meant to be it will be and it will be when it is supposed to be. (God’s timing, not ours). I started to think about how God truly did have them wrapped in His arms through the entire year of the house being for sale. As we talk with Justin about everything that needs to get done I can’t help but think that God’s timing on the sale was delayed to now so that Justin & Susie would have time to deal with everything connected with the sale. He has given them time to adjust in MN. at new jobs, a new city, new digs, new friends. I’m not sure how either of them would’ve found time to get everything done while dealing with the responsibility of a new job and all that goes along with just getting your feet on the ground. Once they knew the house was sold they began to search for a bigger place to live in MN. but nothing was coming up. They were resigned to waiting a bit until the end of the summer, rented storage units for their stuff, and lo and behold this past week they find an awesome duplex to move into which will suit them to a T. So as I think back on the process, the timing of everything and how all has fallen into place so sweetly for them I just thank God for keeping them in His arms and care and thank Him for so many prayers that have been answered!
God’s Time- not ours!!