Remember when you were a kid and had to write that dreaded essay “What I did on my summer vacation”.  Well I remember and I always had trouble writing that essay because, believe it or not, I really didn’t like to write!  So as I sat this morning realizing that it’s Sept. 2 and summer is just about over I thought about what a busy and fun-filled summer this was.  Our summer vacation at our Paradise Home, Marco Island, so many long-time friends (it still feels funny not to have our sons there), county fairs, the loading of a moving truck once again but not for us this time but for Justin and Susie, summer walks along our favorite trail along Indian Creek in Marion (which is now closed until Oct. 15 due to more floods), our new Sunday activity with Keith and Cheryl (we’re calling them our “old people drives”) to Park Farm Winery, stops along the way at Culver’s, squeezing in visits to Justin and Susie in Waconia and Brett & Heather in Minneapolis, our annual trek to Okoboji for my Lutheran Services in Iowa and last but not least our most recent “old people drive” to Madison, WI where we had a chance to show Keith and Cheryl the campus of U-W, Mount Horeb and where our church was in Daleyville.  Sadly the sun has set on summer as we head into the Labor Day weekend.  But the fun that we had this summer has given us more memories to look back on and we head into the fall season looking forward to creating more memories.
So I’d like to just share a little of our summer with you all.  I know this may be a little long, but by now I’m sure you’ve all gathered that we really love to take pictures!  Enjoy!

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