The news of The Beatles discography being re-released obviously sparked some A9a451c88da0bc5ea9e22210.L._SY100_ interest from one of our sons! Brett called yesterday morning asking if we have The Beatles “White Album”. You see, sentimental folks that we are, we’ve held onto all of our 33’s that we’ve ever bought through the years (I’m sure somewhere along the way we probably have a box of 8- tracks also). It’s always been fun to see the interest that Justin and Brett have shown in them. In fact, this is the first home that we don’t have a turntable set up to listen to our “old” records and it’s mainly because they guys are no longer living at home! 

 As I checked through the albums yesterday morning to see what was on the shelf I thought about how Jon and I have always laughed at the difference in our taste of music as we were growing up. We’ve always been able to distinguish which albums were his and which ones were mine. He was the one with the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, CCR, Jefferson Airplane, Woodstock (yes we’ve listened many times to it), Artful Dodger, and so on. I was more into the “bubble gum” music of Jan and Dean, The Beach Boys, Association, Lesley Gore and Herman’s Hermits. And of course there’s my infamous Parma Senior High Choir Christmas Album featuring the processional “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” and “The Hallelujah Chorus”. I can still count the beats of the processional with the breaks in between the verses. I even found a Ferrante and Teicher and Arthur Fiedler and The Boston Pops. Talk about difference musical tastes! I do have to admit that as time went on some of Jon’s musical likes have rubbed off on me. I have been to a Led Zeppelin concert (although not with Jon), have seen Chicago and BST on stage and in turn I was able to drag him to an Elvis concert way back when. My “Rock and Roll” category on I-tunes includes The Eagles, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Aerosmith and a few others I would’ve never listened to. Jon has learned to somewhat tolerate my taste but I still can’t get him to appreciate “Cherish” by the Association. That must just be a chick thing! 

In answer to Brett’s question did we have “The White Album”. Unfortunately, no we don’t because my mom and dad wouldn’t let me buy any and Jon echoed the same. In fact the only Beatles discography that I think we have is a Paul McCartney’s “Back In the USA”, which is actually on CD and we bought it after we were married!
Right now I’m thinking that we need to add some new music to our I-Tunes!