As most clergy families we have done a lot of moving around, uprooting our household and leaving friends and family behind. At times I’ve loved the idea of living in different places and other times I’ve dreaded the change in our lives. I sometimes feel as if we’ve not really had a chance to put down roots anywhere and at times our sons have not really known what to call their “hometown”. But on the other hand it’s given our family a chance to have others become part of our lives that would’ve never happened if we had stayed in one place our entire life! Although we’ve shed many tears leaving friends and family behind it also makes coming together that much sweeter! And that’s what this weekend was all about!
Friday we had the chance to catch up with a wonderful couple in Madison. Joyce and I worked together at WPS and soon became fast friends. Before we knew it they became part of our family, even spending Christmas Eve with us one year. We have many, many fun times together, laughed, cried, discussed life issues, kids and grandkids (theirs not ours!). We’ve shared in life changes together over the 12 years that we’ve known each other. Joyce was a God-send to me when I hit work that first Monday after both kids were gone away to college and it was the first time we had no one else at home! Friday night, as we met up for dinner and then dessert back at their house we found ourselves pretty much able to just pick up where we left off 10 months ago when we last saw each other. Before we knew it the night had flown by and we knew that we needed to get back on the road. I know the night could’ve gone on for a much longer time!
Saturday we were back on the road in the opposite direction to Des Moines. We were meeting up with 2 families from Council Bluffs and spending the day in Des Moines together. Again, friends that we’ve shared so much of life with, cried and laughed together, the birth of Emma 2-1/2 months premature(I truly believe God saw it necessary to bring her to everyone early!). We’ve been part of their lives watching their children grow and they’ve been part of ours sharing the joy of the weddings of both of our sons. Our day in Des Moines went by way too fast and as we finished up dinner at a local brew house watching football, eating and catching up with each other we knew there just wasn’t enough time to get it all in.
We are blessed to have so many other friends everywhere that we’ve lived and for anyone that knows me you most certainly know how much you mean to us and how you bless us, especially when we have a chance to catch up with each other. So, eventhough it takes an act of Congress for all of us to be able to squeeze one day out of all of our busy schedules just to spend maybe an little bit on an evening together it most certainly is worth it! Now all we have to do is figure out how to squeeze in some of our other friends that we haven’t seen in a while.
In the meantime- thanks Ed and Joyce, Brian & Sarah and Emma, Mark and Kim for an awesome weekend! Let’s do it again sometime soon!!
Now- on to Minneapolis to squeeze in time with our family.