As usual I was listening to “On Point” on Iowa Public Radio this morning.  I do have to  admit I learn quite a bit from that show.  Some things I’d be better off really not wanting to hear-like yesterday’s show  "Why is a burger still unsafe" especially since we were having meatloaf for dinner last night.  Today’s show was about animals on the move right now i.e. migration.  Okay so that may not have sounded too interesting especially since they were talking about bird.  But, I listened.

Snow geese many time migrate at night by the light of the moon.  Tens of thousands at one time taking flight.  Can you imagine what a site that would be.  Blackbirds dance on the wind. 

The one that struck me most interesting was about hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are one of the most fascinating birds.  I love to watch them as they flutter at our feeder.  Hummingbird_by_transfigurated I’ve been dived bombed by them while sitting on the deck, but yet they are as elusive as all get out.  They’ve migrated with the last big wind that we had a few weeks ago.  They normally migrate individually, not in flocks.  They migrate to South America, which means they fly across the Gulf of Mexico.  Some may not make it because of hurricanes or storms, but they know that they have to go where the food is and so they are bound and determined to withstand and endure anything to get to where they can be fed.  They are exhausted when they get there, but in the long run, their food is there.

I began to think why aren’t we like the hummingbird when it comes to following Jesus and living a Christ-like life?  We follow the pack, we allow peer pressure to determine where we are going and our individuality disappears.  If the road is long or hard or bumpy we don’t want to follow it.  We want a smooth, 4 lane highway to drive down with nothing in our way.  If we see storms ahead we run to the basement and hide.  If we think something is going to make us tired and exhaust us we run from it finding a comfortable spot on the sofa in front of the TV with the remote and coffee in our hands…. ahhhh- caffeine to refresh us.  And by the grace of God, some of us make it through life and others don’t!

As Christ followers we have to develop that individual relationship with Christ,  the road will be bumpy, we will have to endure storms and hurricanes, & we will be exhausted.  But this is where our food is and what wonderful tasting food it is.  The journey is worth it and in the end we will make it!

I want to be like the hummingbird.