It's hard to believe that last week at this time Jon and I were in Dallas at the Right Now Conference.  It was an amazing 3 days of being among 2200 people, the majority of them 20 & 30 somethings hungry for a time of worship, learning, connecting, and becoming even more convicted about being a "trader" and making a difference.  The conference focused on leadership, but more importantly it focused on creating a culture of service and being a trader-trading something to help others.  We became trader's on Friday night & my conviction soared as all 2200 people became traders when we assembled 1000 World Vision caregiver kits in 20 minutes, when they announced that approximately 163 children had been sponsored through Compassion International, and as I sat and listened to the speaker from Need Him Ministries asking for our help as volunteers because they don't have enough folks to take all the phone calls, answer e-mails or chat with those calling in for help. 

  I know that I'm re-convicted about my role in the kingdom of God and being a trader.  Not only will we continue our sponsorship of our Compassion children but I am going to apply to volunteer to help out at Need Him Ministries and organize a group to assemble caregiver kits for World Vision. 

Right Now! The Mission of the Church Matters. It matters to me and I pray that it matters to you.