Absolutely incredible!  That’s all that I can say about the Winter Jam 2010 concert!  Well, not really all that I can say, but those are just a couple of words that I can use to describe the concert.  So here’s the scoop.  Yesterday we headed over to Des Moines for Winter Jam.  We had purchased Platinum tickets at 50.00/person, which gave us early entry, priority seating, & a free t-shirt (woo hoo)!  We’ve been to lots of concerts in the past so we knew this was a great deal!  8 bands and a speaker for that price is a steal.  And a steal it was!  We were 8 rows from the front, right next to the runway.  Absolutely incredible!  I don’t think any of us sat down for more than 15 min. for 4-3/4 hours (and believe me our legs and feet felt it afterwards). There is nothing sweeter than listening to the voices of 9000 people raised in praise to our most awesome and gracious God!  What I love about Winter Jam is that general admission is $10.00 at the door.  You do have to get there early to get a place in line because once the venue is filled they will not admit any more people.  But, all I can say is if you have Winter Jam 2010 coming anywhere within driving distance of your home you really should try to catch it.  Did I say absolutely incredible?

Oh-one more thing.  Jon took about 700 pics with our new camera! As awesome as they all are it’s almost impossible for me to share every single one of them with you.  But, I do have a smattering of them posted. Check them out!