Grace (1)
It's been rainy here these last few days. Some of it has been hard rain with thunder, lightening and hail. Other times it's been a soft rain- what Jon and I call an Irish Day. In all the rain though there have been times of the sun peeking out warming us from the outside in.  I normally am not crazy about rainy days – you see I'm one that really needs the sun constantly shining and making life bright!  Last night as we were driving home in one of those soft rains I started thinking about the spring rains and how much we really need this rain.  It comes and washes away the dirt and grit left behind after a long, hard winter.  It comes and washes away the dirty piles of snow that have accumulated during a long, hard winter.  It comes and brings everything back to life after a long hard winter.  And in there are the periodic bursts of sunshine warming us from the inside out!

And isn't that just how God works in our lives.  We all go through long, hard winters in our lives.  Sometimes the sun doesn't shine for days or weeks or months warming us, making our life bright.  Sometimes there are little periodic bursts of it that keep us going.  But then I think about God's grace that is bestowed upon us.  The rains comes, some hard, some soft.  But, our dirty grit that has accumulated is washed away.  The piles of "snow" that have accumulated are washed away leaving hope, joy, peace, blessings, and a "greeness" to our lives!  The Son shines in our lives and that warms us from the inside out. 

Spring rains-New Life!