This past Friday and Saturday our annual synod assembly was held at Lutheran Church of Hope in Des Moines.  I’m always intrigued and interested by the inner workings of the church and so was excited to be able to attend with Jon.  Although I was not a registered voter and could not participate in the business end 
180_Ramadhan_Zulfa_und_Amina_Johnof the assembly I was able to participate in the break-out sessions.  Jon and I have been big followers of Hope for several years and had heard about an organization that  began at Hope – Meals from the Heartland.  So, when we noticed that one of the break-out sessions was to be able to actually help package meals we jumped on the chance. 

We spent an hour in a room filled with tables of 10 people donned in hairnets and aprons, pouring soy protein, rice, dried vegetables and a vitamin mix into a bag, weighing it, and sealing the bags.  As we filled these small bags, each one weighing 390-393 grams (which isn’t much by the way), we were amazed to find that each bag feeds 6 people.  One lady at our table remarked her son alone would eat that much.  I know it made each and everyone of us reflect back on how much we really do consume.  It’s heart-wrenching to hear that many of the meals are going to schools to feed the children where this may be the only meal the children receive for that day or maybe every other day.  

I can only speak for myself that during this hour I felt so fortunate and blessed, but also very greedy.  I am fortunate and blessed that I am provided for each and every day by whatever I choose to eat, when I choose to eat it and how much I choose to eat.  And when I sat down to a lunch buffet that included hamburgers, chicken, pork, hot dogs, bratwurst, potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, brownies, cookies, etc. I felt greedy.  I don’t think that I’m grateful enough.  I don’t think that I do enough! I think I should’ve cooked up a bag of the meal for 6 and been satisfied.  But, I do feel grateful and blessed that I was able to help out for that hour packaging the meals.

By the way- in the 2 break-out sessions that were held, a total of 2 hours, there were 16,000+ meals packaged.  How awesome is that!

I’m looking forward to more opportunities to plug into Meals from the Heartland.  Won’t you join me?