Living life as a clergy family has meant moving all over the midwest for us. As hard as it always is to leave our friends in each and every place it also means that we get to meet new friends! Try as I might it’s been hard though to stay in touch with everyone and so over the years we’ve lost contact with some of our friends. Such is life. But, here is where Facebook comes in! Being a curious person I’ve searched and reconnected with long time friends, spent time chatting with each other and just generally “catching up” with each other! Some re-connections have been strictly on-line. But we’ve had the joy of re-connecting with some friends in person. And that’s just what happened this past week when we met up for dinner with a friend, of ours from when we lived in Romeo, MI. We figured out that the last time we saw each other has to be at least 20 years or so. It wasn’t until we were both “friends” on FB that we discovered he and his wife live in Orlando, where we have spent so much time vacationing. We had such an absolutely wonderful time visiting over dinner, & dessert and then had a chance to spend the next morning with us as they showed us Orlando from the resident’s side!

Long story short-I know a lot of people are thinking of dropping FB, but for me I’m loving it! It’s given us a chance to re-connect with so many friends all over the states and in some cases even spend some time with them. So- thanks to all my FB friends both near and far!