Have you ever taken one of those tests to determine how much stress you are may be experiencing due to all the life changes that you’ve undergone in the past year.  Well, I started to think about this the other day and I can’t find any way that I can call the life changes that we’ve had stressors.  In fact, I can’t see them as anything but waiting to see!  How can you consider these stressors?

News that our one son and daughter-in-law are headed to New Haven, CT to begin a new adventure as he enters Yale Divinity School.

News that our other son and daughter-in-law are expecting and will bring the first new little Kosec into this world.  We’re going to be grandparents!

News that Jon has received a new call to a church in TX and so we too begin a new adventure!

I guess if I were a negative person I could look at these as stressors and oh, woe is me.  But, I’m not a negative person and neither is Jon or any other member of our family.  We can only look at these as a time that God is showing us that he’s not finished with us yet.  They most certainly are blessings  and I thank God for all that he has given us to look forward to in each and everyone of our new adventures.  It’s sure is a time of “Wait and See” because God’s not finished with us yet!

Just to finish this up… as I was listening to a CD this morning so many of the songs were touching my heart.  But, one in particular just really kind of said it all and so inspired this writing.

So if you ever find a time that you are dealing with so many life changes, I pray that instead of thinking of them as stressors that you can think of them as a time of “Wait and See’ because God’s not finished with you yet!