This past week Jon and I had the privilege to attend the Right Now Conference.  This is the 2nd year that we’ve had a chance to go and I have to admit that it was just as inspiring as it was the first time.  92 My mind is reeling with thoughts, ideas, wanting to get moving, wanting to act swiftly.  I’m suffering from what JR Vassar described as “anguish of aspirations”.  The entire premise behind Right Now is that the church doesn’t have time to sit back and think about what needs to be done to stop injustice, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to help the poor.  But, we must act swiftly.

Pete Briscoe talked about being a “trader”.  What are you going to trade in to help? He talked about leadership and making sure that in order to live with Christ in our lives we have to be totally convinced to trust fully in Christ.  “Don’t be an unconvinced travel agent talking about places you’ve never been.”

When Tim Ross (one of my personal favorites) took the stage to talk about TMI (Too Much Information) I know we were wondering what he was going to say.  An on fire Pentecostal preacher he hits the ground running with his TMI- it’s all about transparency.  “As believers if we’re going to reach people we need to start with something in common”.  Be transparent, let others see who you really are, don’t put on airs or pretenses.  How can others relate to you if you are pretending that you are perfect without any flaws.  The woman at the well tried 6 men that wouldn’t allow her to be who she was- the 7th, Jesus, accepted her for who she was.

Todd Phillips brought the young folks (and us oldies) insight on excelling within the boundaries God has placed in our lives.  “Excel where God has placed you. Simply refuse to let bitterness take root. When you’re ready to leave a job or situation, stay a little longer.  Don’t run away- stay and see what God wants you to get out of it.”  Of course, Jon and I really had to chuckle when he says that we must have that perseverance factor.  Jon had an internship supervisor that always said“Suffering is good for you”.   Oh, Harold, you don’t have any idea how right you are and how many times we’ve persevered and discovered the light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you World Vision for being at Right Now!  1000 “promise packs”, backpacks filled with school supplies and some of the necessary things for life, were assembled for the children of Haiti.  The World Vision sponsorship table was overflowing with folks wanting to sponsor a child.  3 year old Francisco from Mexico joined our family of sponsored kids!

I could go on and on and on about moving and heartfelt worship led by Patrick Ryan Clark, the speakers- Max LucadoDavid Nasser, & Erwin McManus, just to name a few.  But, if I wrote just the little snippets of was said I’d be here all day.  I couldn’t twitter fast enough (I don’t know how they do it), I couldn’t write fast enough and by Friday night my mind was reeling with ideas and thoughts and that “anguish of aspiration”.  Where do we start?

I have to tell you – God threw a party and conference last Wednesday through Friday at The Right Now Conference in Irving, TX and 2500+ people showed up!  Wow!