This morning while in the shower I was thinking about the blessings and thanks we’ve all been posting on Twitter and Facebook. Not that I don’t reflect upon my blessings each and every day, but this being Thanksgiving I was reflecting upon my blessings. We all tend to focus on the positive event and people in our lives and then it struck me that I am also thankful for the not so positive events and people in my life. Then I sat down to read my devotions. As I read Daniel 9: 15-19 and James 4 it was right there in front of me. Yes, the positive events and people in my life are most definitely a bless, but so are the not so positive events and people. The tough times, rough roads, lousy days (or in some cases weeks), extra grace required people have all been there for a reason. They’ve brought me closer to my husband and children. They’ve shaped me and made me who I am today. But more importantly, they’ve brought me to my knees and totally dependent to the most gracious God that I serve. They’ve taught me humility and grace (and believe me I’m still learning). They’ve brought me closer to God and into a relationship that I probably not have had if everything had always been rosey.

So on this Thanksgiving I give thanks for all the blessings in my life, good and bad, positive and challenging and I thank God for giving me the whole enchilada!