As I was reading this passage this morning I found it mind boggling, amazing, awesome, and a little nerve wracking.God spoke- and light was created.

God spoke and darkness was created.

God spoke and there was heaven and earth.

God spoke and there were animals and fish and people.

God spoke, he looked around and it was good.

That’s all he had to do was speak and it was good. That’s the amazing, mind boggling, & awesome part of the passage for me.

But, then we had to spoil it all because we didn’t listen to what He said. We had to do what we wanted to and we did what we wanted to. And then God spoke again and we all know what happened. That’s the nerve wracking part for me. I know we serve a most awesome and loving God, but we also serve a God that when He speaks, He speaks and in my book we had better doggone listen because if we don’t…. well I think we all know the rest of the story!