It makes me smile!

It makes me smile!

It didn’t take me long to come up with a posting for today’s “post a week” topic- share something that makes you smile.  There are so many different things that bring a smile to my face – thoughts of our many vacations at our Marco Island condo, The Charter Club of Marco Beach; a chat on the phone or an e-mail from our sons and daughter-in-laws; the antics of our granddogs – I could go on and on.

But, I have to admit that the one thing that makes me smile and conjures up memories in my mind is the smell of Murphy’s Oil soap.  Murphy’s Oil Soap you say?  What’s with that?  Well, here’s why.  I grew up in a house that was your typical 40’s style bungalow.  Main floor with a finished second floor where our bedrooms were.  As many homes were at that time our walls upstairs in our bedrooms were paneled.  Spring cleaning meant I got to move my bedroom around, change to a summer weight quilt and brighten up my room from the doldrums of a long, cold Ohio winter.  But, first before all that could happen my mom would wash down all the woodwork and paneling upstairs with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  This would always take place while I was at school during the day.  So, I’d come home from school, open up the door to the upstairs and the scent of Murphy’s would be permeating the entire upstairs.  Not only did I love that smell, but it meant that it was almost spring, time to move things around, take the heavy, dark quilt off my bed, open up the windows and bring in the freshness of an Ohio spring.  So, to this day, when I smell Murphy’s my mind goes back to what our upstairs would smell like on that day, I think of spring and the freshness that would signal the end of a long winter.  Good old Murphy’s!

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    A friend and I have a discussion going on FB about the smell of Lilacs and the memories that they bring back. My grandma loved Lilacs, & Lilies of the Valley. To this day the scent of them bring back wonderful memories of her and especially of the huge Lilac bush that was in a neighbors yard. I remember just stopping to smell them on my way home from school each day. This all made me think of this post from several years back. It still holds….. One little addition to It Makes Me Smile- I can now add chats with our sons, daughter-in-loves and granddaughters! They make us smile!


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