This past week has been a heavy week for our family as we gathered together for my mom’s funeral. But, just as it’s been a heavy week, it’s also been a week of relief, release, and remembering.

Release for my mom that she is no longer suffering from the dregs of osteoporosis and dementia.  For those of you that knew my mom she was a very vibrant person, always wanting to be in the middle of things and wanting to know what was going on.  She loved her family and doted – sometimes to the point of spoiling- her grandchildren.  For her to be in a situation where she couldn’t be up and about was not my mom.  I know that my family has often thanked God for the fact that mom really didn’t know what was going on after she was placed in the nursing home.

It was a week of relief for us to know that mom is no longer in a debilitated state, but is now reunited with her family in her eternal home.  My cousin’s and I have already figured there’s heavenly crazy eights game going on with the Adams Family! What a family reunion that must be!

It was also a week of remembering.  As family and friends all gathered together at the visitation and funeral we spent time remembering with so many of our friends and family bringing some special story about her.  We spread tons of old photo albums around the funeral home along with my mom’s roller skates, skating medals, high school year books and memorabilia from her life.  It was wonderful to watch everyone looking at the photo’s and memorabilia.  Even her own grandchildren (and yes, her children) discovered things about her that they never knew.

So as we close out this chapter in our lives we truly do remember my mom and the life that she created for each one of us.  As one of her grandchildren said- she had high expectations, always made sure everyone had enough, she was thorough and always made church a priority for her family.  On behalf of our family I’d like to just thank all of you that in some way or another expressed your condolences, shared your thoughts and stories with us, prayed for our family and mom, and kept us in your thoughts.  We can’t express how much we appreciate your hearts and your support!  Personally I’d just like to thank my brothers and sister-in-laws for all of their help and support to mom and dad these last few months.  Being far away has been difficult for our family and we are so grateful for all that you’ve done and taken on .  And to Jon, Justin & Susie and Brett & Heather- you guys rock-  I know I don’t need to say this, but thank you for all the love and support that you’ve shown to mom and dad (gramma and grandpa).  If it hadn’t been for all of you I know I surely would not have made it through these last nine months and most certainly this past week.

Just one more little thing that occurred to me as I’m writing this.  I’m recalling Job 1:21 “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”.  As much as it was a sorrowful week for our family, it also was a week of celebration.  As we mourn the loss of my mom’s life we also celebrate the new lives being brought into our family with the birth of my mom and dad’s 3rd great- grandchild in July, my cousin’s new baby  just  2 days before mom’s passing and the anticipation of the birth of their 4th great-grandchild in March.  The Lord truly does give and take away.

Thank you again to each and everyone of you.

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