Jon and I are attending an LCMC Leadership Conference.  It’s been a day of inspiring speakers, God-filled fellowship and networking and making new friends. So tonight we had sometime before meeting up with some new found friends from TX for dinner so we decided to stop at a Super Target here in Phoenix.  I’m in the women’s section just looking around and a lady comes up to me and comments on my haircut.  She herself had a somewhat similar haircut, short and spikey. Here’s how the conversation goes.

Shopper: “You have the cutest haircut! Can you tell me where you get it cut?”

Me: “Oh I’m not from around here.  I live in TX”

Shopper: “Oh.  Well I just moved here about 6 months ago and I’m having a terrible time finding someone to cut my hair.”

Me: “I know what you mean! I just moved to TX not too long ago and had the same problem, but I was lucky enough to find someone really awesome.  And we live in a small town.  Where did you move from?”

Shopper: “We used to live in Colorado, but we recently moved here from Iowa around Keokuck.”

Me: (amazed) “Really?  We just moved from IA to TX ourselves.  We lived in Monticello, just north of Cedar Rapids.  How funny is this.”

Shopper: “What brought you to TX?”

Me: “My husband is a Pastor.”

Shopper: “Oh, my gosh, so is mine. What denomination are you?”

(By now Jon is standing there listening to this conversation and laughing)

Jon: “LCMC- Lutheran.  How about you?

Shopper:  “Assemblies of God”.

The conversation continued with us laughing about what a small world it is.  We continued to chat and knowing they are clergy folks and new to the area we mentioned  about the Arizona CityFest with Luis Palau coming up in March.  She mentions that they’ve been advertising it from their church and they are excited about it being in town and looking forward to being part of it.  The conversation continues….

Shopper:  “And your name is?”

Me: “Cheryl”

Shopper: (extending her hand) “Sherry”

Me: “No, Cheryl”.

Shopper: “Yes, and my name is Sherry”.

Jon:  (really laughing by now and rolling his eyes in amazement) “Just don’t tell me your middle name is Ann”.

Shopper: (Laughing really hard) “It is.”

OK at that point we all just break out into laughter remarking this is just too weird.  We leave each other with a good bye and it was nice to meet you, God Bless and Good Luck in your new call.

Now I’m really wondering what in the world God is up to!