I’ve always known that I’m blessed beyond belief. We live in a wonderful small community in South Texas and are honored to be part of one of the most loving and caring congregations Jon has ever served. Friends in so many places that have brought so much fun into our lives. Relatives that make life interesting and have created memories that I have always cherished.

Most importantly I have an absolutely wonderful, loving, caring family. A husband that is my best friend, soul mate, an awesome dad and just a downright doggone top-notch hubby! We have two wonderful sons that have grown into Godly young men, with two equally wonderful wives that we couldn’t have asked for anything more! They live life to the fullest celebrating everything that God has placed in their path. They know what it means to grow together as their own little family. We embrace each other with love, joy and thanks each and every day. And this past week we’ve welcomed into our lives another beautiful blessing and gift from God, Harper Geneva. She graced Brett and Heather’s life on Saturday, March 19 and we know that life will never be the same for them! We were so excited and joyful as we looked at the pictures of Brett & Heather and the love that they show for each other and for Harper. They beamed with love and smiles on the day they got married. But as parents you just can’t describe the feeling that you get when you see the the smiles and joy in their eyes as they spend time with their new and precious gift. So we celebrate with Brett & Heather the joy, love, sunshine, happiness, tears, challenges, fun and everything else that Harper will bring into their lives. And we celebrate with Harper the fact that she’s got some pretty doggone wonderful, loving, caring, fun, & exciting parents that are going to make her life the best ever!

We are blessed beyond belief!