This past Sunday we had the honor and privilege of witnessing and participating in the baptism celebration of our granddaughter, Harper.  It has been an absolutely wonderful week!  We’ve enjoyed the leisure time of hanging out in Minneapolis and shopping our favorite places such as Mall of America, REI,  & The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes.  We even had time to catch the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie (which I most certainly would recommend). We enjoyed the fun and excitement of helping Brett & Heather & her folks prepare for the baptismal celebration, just hanging out with them and Harper for some great quality family time.  We just love the graciousness of our kids when we go to visit and their willingness to “put up” with the parental people for 4 days!  We enjoyed being able to track Susie and her brother, Pat, as they ran the Fargo 1/2 marathon on Saturday! Congrats to both of them for a job well done!  We also enjoyed the anticipation of awaiting the arrival of Justin and Susie as they drove down from Fargo to join us for Harper’s big day and the beginning of some awesome family time together with everyone. We anxiously sat in a dark basement with only candles glowing an hour before we needed to leave for church as we listened to tornado sirens wailing and waited out the EF-2 tornado that hit north Minneapolis only 10 blocks from Brett & Heather’s.  Our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected in the storm, and we were only to find out later the devastation in Joplin.   We enjoyed hanging with Justin and Susie for breakfast on Monday before they headed back to Fargo and then their flight to New Haven.

But, this weekend wasn’t about us.  It was about Harper and her big day!  Resplendent in her beautiful baptismal dress, made from the shawl that went with Heather’s wedding dress, she was just an absolute picture of a little angel and behaved as one throughout the entire worship service at Mercy Seat.  Words cannot describe the pride  & joy that we all felt as Jon, myself, Justin & Susie, Heather’s mom & dad, grandma, her 2 brothers and sister-in-laws watched them stand at the font with their beautiful daughter speaking on her behalf and listening as Pastor Kay spoke the words “I baptize you…”.  I do have to add, as most parents would, that we were doubly blessed as we watched Justin and Susie present her for her baptism.  What a joyous occasion it was as we continued our celebration with a wonderful family gathering at Heather’s mom and dad’s afterwards.  We so love family gatherings and this one was especially special as our entire family was able to be together on a very special day for a very special beautiful little girl.  We love you Harper!