35 years ago today I married the most amazing man in the world. First off anyone that can put up with me and my quirks, my perfectionism, etc. has got to be amazing! But, we’ve discovered over the years that although we may be total opposites in some things that end up complimenting each other we are so much more alike than we can even imagine. I’ve been so blessed by him and our passion for so many things that we share. I can hardly believe that God gave me someone that shares my love for the outdoors, for travel, for adventure and trying new things, for reading and even, believe or not, for shopping! There are times that neither one of us can get a word in edgewise and then there are times that we can sit in absolute silence for hours, comfortable in that silence knowing that nothing needs to be said. So for 35 years of an absolutely amazing life filled with blessings, a beautiful family, adventure, for being an awesome dad to our sons, dad in law to our daughter-in-laws and now grandpa to Harper, for all the fun, laughter, tears, tons of places to live, allowing me to walk beside you in your ministry to churches, tons and tons of love and patience and the joy and fun of looking forward to many,many more years together and the plans that we have I just want to say thank you and Happy Anniversary to my best friend and soulmate. And thank be to God for sending you to me! I am blessed beyond belief!