We love to watch hummingbirds at our feeders and seeing as how they migrate to S. Texas we have an abundance of them like we’ve never seen before.  So we’ve picked up new feeder-it’s like the high rise of all hummingbird feeders with 3 different tiers to it.  But, not only do the hummingbirds love the nectar in the feeders but so do the bees.  We’ve hung our high-rise feeder right outside of our kitchen window where we can really watch the antics of the birds and of course the bees.  I thought for sure that many bees on the feeder (and there has to be a couple dozen of them) would deter the hummingbirds from using the feeder.  I was so wrong.  The other day I noticed one of the birds approaching the feeder and as he was feeding a bee flew up to the same little opening.  Very politely the bird hovered back a little and gently just went to the next little opening.  Again, another bee flew up to that same opening and landed to feed.  And again the bird hovered back and moved to the next little opening.  This continued on for quite sometime.  I started thinking this morning how very politely they co-exist in the same little area.  Bees sting and I’m sure, at least in my mind, they can still other creatures.  But the hummingbird didn’t even let that faze him.  He came up to the feeder, drank, moved back, allowed the bee to feed and quietly moved to the next opening.  My point- what would life be like if humans could all co-exist in the same way.  What would life be like if we could occupy the same space with someone that has a tendency to sting when provoked.  What would life be like if we just quietly hovered back and gently moved to the side, rather than trying to match words or actions.  I read a blog yesterday about taking the high road and how sometimes we don’t always do that, but really should.  What would life be like…..?

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