This past weekend we had the excitement, honor, privilege and fun of heading up to MN to celebrate Harper’s first birthday.  My how time flies.  It seem like it was only yesterday when we received that phone call from Brett saying “It’s a girl!”.  It was a wonderful weekend of family time, a special surprise visit by Susie, our daughter-in-law from CT, laughter, lots of hugs, food, preparations and beautiful weather.  We have a precious, beautiful, fun, giggly, sweet, funny, slobbery kisses granddaughter that has captured our hearts like nothing else ever has.  Yes, our sons both captured our hearts when they were born and as they grew older and they continue to capture our hearts.  We hold them so dear to us as we do our sweet daughter-in-laws and we are so proud of each one of them!  But there is just something about a grandchild that is totally indescribable.  To say we are blessed is an understatement.

Thanks guys for making us proud to be your mom & dad & in-laws!  You guys rock!