We all have people in our lives that have been influential, mentors and in some way have shaped us for who we are today.  One of mine was my Pastor, Reg Holle from Parma Lutheran Church in Parma, Ohio.  Pastor Holle came to PLC when I was in high school.  He was dynamic, soft spoken, preached a sermon that as a high schooler I could understand, fun, and compassionate.  Our family soon became very close with he and his wife Marla, I hung around with his daughter, Joan and when I met Jon and was soon to be a Preacher’s wife his family was what I envisioned what I wanted our family to be like as a clergy family.  Marla became my role model, someone I wanted to pattern my life as a PW after.  He officiated at our wedding, ordained my husband,  became our Bishop when we were in Michigan and installed my husband when he became the Pastor of St. John’s in Romeo, Michigan.  I’ve often remarked that I’m so blessed because my husband has turned out to be exactly the same type of Pastor to others as Reg was to us.

I’m writing this because Reg passed away on April 5. How appropriate though that it was just in time to for him to celebrate Easter with our resurrected Lord!  We know that along with all those others that our family holds close in our hearts, Reg is looking down on us, smiling that big smile with his rosy cheeks glowing and giving us that nod that we knew exactly what it meant.

Thank you Reg for all the ways that you blessed my entire family and the family of Parma Lutheran.  You will be missed!