About 7 years ago we had to put our precious Taffy to sleep.  Our families hearts were broken and sad and tears flowed.  About 2 years ago Justin and Susie’s Yeti joined Taffy.  Once again our hearts were broken and sad and tears flowed.  Last week Brett, Heather and Harper’s Cooper very suddenly and unexpectedly joined Taffy and Yeti.  Again our hearts are broken and sad and tears flowed.  I don’t care whether it’s your own pet or your grandpets it’s still sad, heartbreaking and a tearful time.  It seems surreal at first, then weird.  Time heals the empty space in your home but I’m not sure if it ever really heals the space they occupied in your heart.  We are thankful and blessed that before Yeti joined Taffy Justin and Susie brought Lev home to live with them.  Maybe someday Brett, Heather and Harper will do the same.  As for us-granddogs are enough right now.  I know we couldn’t go through getting used to that emptiness in the house.  This may sound silly but Taffy, Yeti and Cooper-thanks for all the joy, fun, unconditional love and memories you brought to our family!  Lev, we love you and thank you for the joy, unconditional love and laughter you bring to us now!

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