Chicken Paprikash, homemade Spaetlze’s, Hungarian Beef Soup, pickled pigs feet (yuck).  No I’m not of Hungarian descent, but my Aunt Bessie’s husband, Uncle Peezer, was.  So I grew up eating a fair amount of Hungarian or Eastern European dishes, except the pickled pigs feet (although my mom was known to eat them as well as several of my cousins).  My husband is of European descent, Slovenian to be exact, and his mom did make some specialty dishes.  But, I had the honor and privilege of carrying on our Hungarian eating tradition into our family when we got married.  Our kids learned to love paprikash and spaetlze’s -in fact there were times I couldn’t make enough- and the Beef soup came to be known as “Red Soup”, one of our very favorite fall/winter meals.  Now, keep in mind we live in Texas so we never really have fall or winter weather as we knew it in the midwest where sitting down to a bowl of soup just warms your body and your soul.  But, in our estimation it’s never too hot for a bowl of “red soup”.  So guess what’s for dinner tonight…..