I always love decorating our Christmas tree.  100% of the ornaments are ones that have some memory tied to them or some significance.  There are tons of ornaments bought through the years for the boys or made by them, ornaments made by kids in our various parishes (Marci Streeter Abel I hung yours that says “Pastor Jon and Cheryl I love you”) along with ornaments given to me as I was growing up.  I have 5 ornaments that hung on my Grandma Pete’s tree from when my dad was little.  I so remember placing them on her tree when my Aunt Diane and I decorated her tree and how proud and excited I was given them when I got married.  These ornament always had a very special place at the very top of our tree.  This year they’re just a little to fragile to put on the tree so they have graduated to decorating special places in the house.  As we hang some of these ornaments Jon and I often reminisce where the ornament came from…”Oh honey remember when we bought this one for the kids” or “I remember Aunt Peg buying this for us in Frankenmuth”.  Justin and Brett always had the honor of hanging their own 1st Christmas ornament.  After they were off on their own before being married I remember their ornaments patiently waiting for them to return home for the holidays to be placed on the tree.  I love these memories and we try to keep our tradition going and gifting them with some type of a significant ornament for each couple and Harper.  How much fun it is looking for that very special one every year!

I always love decorating our Christmas tree.