Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!


The 4th of July always brings back so many memories of celebrations past.  I can remember our family gathering together at my mom and dad’s house.  We’d start work on the pool early getting it sparkling clean and ready for the day’s company.  Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, cousins galore filled our yard and the smell of hamburgers or chicken soon filled the air.  Bathing suits were donned and soon the pool was filled with laughing and screaming kids both big and small!  The day continued on as we filled our tummies with all the goodies that everyone brought and we waited impatiently to head to the Brooklyn Heights park for fireworks.  I remember so many times it being so dang cold in the evening we even grabbed our hats and gloves!  With mosquito chasers and blankets in hand we headed to the park.  Oohs and aahs filled the night for one of the best fireworks displays around!  The smell of sulfur filled the night air as the evening came to an end and we headed back home for our last little bit of family tradition- Auntie Irene’s Hungarian coffee and hot dogs on the grill.  As we grew older our own husbands and kids along with cousins husbands and their kids joined in on the fantastic Rath 4th of July.  It’s funny though some of the other happenings of that day through the years stick out in my mind….

… Brooklyn Heights always had a parade. We’d decorate our bikes with playing cards clothes pinned to the spokes and streamers in the handle bars.  I think I remember trying to wrap mine in crepe paper, which never worked!

…One side of the family gathered at Cleveland Metroparks for their family reunion.  I can remember begging mom and dad to head over to the park just to check out the Bobbin gathering.  I think I wanted to see what all they had to eat too!

…My first 4th of July with Jon was the night he asked my dad’s permission to marry me.  It was nerve wracking enough to wait in the breezeway while he talked with my dad in the basement.  But it was even funnier that 3 hours later he emerged knowing the entire history of our family-both good and bad.

…When Brett was 2 he fell off the swing set in the yard.  He came running to us crying and we only thought he had a minor injury to his arm.  That night we headed to the stadium downtown to watch the fireworks.  He cried the whole time and we thought he was afraid of the big booms.  The next morning his arm was totally swollen.  After a trip to the ER we came home with our sweet little 2 year old with his broken arm in a cast.

…One year we were headed to California and spent the 4th of July in Denver watching fireworks from our hotel balcony.  It was a sight to behold to see them over the mountains!

…Several years back Jon and I were at Walt Disney World on the 4th.  The park was filled to capacity, they actually stopped letting people in.  We had never seen fireworks in a 360 display until then.  There aren’t enough words to describe what it looks like and the emotion of the evening with the music accompanying the display.

…Ten years ago Justin, Susie, Brett and myself headed to Cleveland for a family wedding on the 3rd.  Of course, we insisted that we have a good old fashioned 4th of July celebration at mom and dad’s on the 4th.  It was exciting to have Susie join in on one of our family traditions.  What an awesome and fun time we had.

Of course there are tons of more memories that come with this day as our family has grown through the years.  Our kids and their families are creating their own 4th of July memories that will fill their memory banks as well!  May your day be filled with fun, fireworks and memory making times.

Happy July 4th!


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