In Two Weeks….

In Two Weeks….

In two weeks we’ll be gathered together for the wedding of our niece and soon to be nephew, Lorissa and Shawn.  It will be an exciting day in a place that holds so many memories.  We will watch my brother walk the last of his 5 children down the aisle in my home church, where myself and my two brothers were married,where Jon was ordained and where my mom’s funeral was held.  It’s a church that our family has been a part of for at least 60 years and the first of the family weddings there in 33 years.

But, it’s not about where the wedding is being held.  It’s about coming from near and far for our family all gathering together for this celebration of love.  It’s about my dad meeting his 5th great grandchild for the first time (other than on FaceTime).  It’s about us meeting our 2nd great-nephew for the first time.  It’s about making more memories, remembering times past, looking to the future, laughing, eating, drinking and just being.  I know we’ll leave from there remembering the fun, the smiles, the quirks of our family and who knows what else.

So thank you Lorissa and Shawn for letting us be a part of your day!  May God’s richest blessings go with you for a very long and wonderful life together.  10525592_10204981763530647_4029938753877961063_n

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