Batch 3

Ok so Batch #3 is a Bourbon infused porter.  It uses at least a pint of bourbon so of course Jon used the best- Makers Mark!

All went well with the brewing up until one night we were sitting in the living room about midnight and heard this most horrible explosion.  We thought something happen either outside or somewhere nearby.  We searched the backyard, nothing.  Checked out front-our neighbors house was still standing so no problem there.  Nothing in the garage.  Jon walks into our guest bedroom and I begin to hear a few not so nice words coming from the room.  As I walked to the room I could smell beer and bourbon.  Not something you normally should smell when the beer is in the fermenting bucket.  Beer was everywhere!  On the bed, on the walls, on an antique quilt hanging on the wall.  Everywhere!!!  We enjoyed the smell of the most recent brew and we took a couple of deep breaths and proceeded to clean things up trying to laugh about the whole situation.  It was that night that By the Bay Caribbean Cannonball Bourbon Infused Porter was born.  Needless to say the fermenting bucket and the cases of newly bottled beer now has a home in the bathtub with the shower curtain closed! I will admit it is a wonderful brew with a nice hint of that Makers Mark.  Most certainly a sipping beer, not one to guzzle and one to drink before bedtime as it has a way of sneaking up on you!  I only wish I had taken more pictures of this experience!