Batch #4 is a Saison.  Nice and light, great carbonation, wonderful summer beer.  We were a little concerned about this beer as it was the first one brewed in our new location.  Not being able to use the gas burner that Jon had used previously he decided to use our camp stove instead!  It worked perfectly for the cooking of the beer.  The challenge came when it was time to cool the beer to add the yeast.  In the past Jon has been very industrious and creative when it came time to cool the cooking pot of beer.  Our pool water was always quite chilly and so the pot was dunked into the pool to the brim and viola!  We had a cool batch of beer quickly.  This time though we have no pool to cool.  (hey that rhymes!)  So this time Jon ice bathed it but it wasn’t responding as quickly as it should.  A few hours later he took the chance and added the yeast.  Into the bathtub the fermenting bottle went all ready for it to bubble.  But bubble it didn’t.  At least not like we thought that it should.  We were both like parents watching over a little baby waiting for it to do something incredible.  There were a few bubbles periodically but certainly not like we’ve had in the past.  Guess we didn’t need to worry about this one exploding.  But from what Jon could tell the yeast was working and so we just kept our fingers crossed!  He actually moved it out into the garage storeroom thinking that maybe the a/c in the house was just a little to cool.  New place,new experience, new challenges.

Bottling day came 2 weeks ago.  The taste test was very good.  Light, mild with good carbonation.  So we bottled and we waited for our 2 weeks before we could put it in the fridge and be ready to taste.  Another cool thing he did was he bought these neat caps that change color as it chills.  Another thing to watch.

Tasting day came Sunday night!  It was to say the least probably my 2nd favorite brew that he has made so far!  The Irish Red Ale of course being my favorite.  It did have a good amount of carbonation similar to a hefe so it will be good to have with a heavy meal.  Our first brew in our new place- Burnt Store Isles. Thus the name By the Bay Burnt Store Caribbean Saison was born.