Batch #5 is an Irish Draught Ale.  This one is just a tad bit different as it has honey in it.  I was thinking it was going to be closer to a mead. But I was wrong!  All went well with brewing, bottling and waiting!  The waiting was a little easier this time as we were gone for most of the time we had to wait patiently after it was bottled!  Although, since the carbonation was quite bubbly on our bottling taste test there was a little bit of apprehension as to whether we would come home to intact bottles!  But all was well when we returned home from our journey.  The bottles went into the fridge on Sunday night and tasting came on Monday night!  This is by far the best that Jon has brewed so far.  You can taste a little subtle hint of the honey, not overpowering, but nice and gentle.  It’s got a great color, wonderful mild taste, but not a bit weak at all!  And the carbonation actually settled down during the waiting process.  Oh and the name- Well seeing as how we are now in Florida we are using trying to be kind of farm to bottle.  So this one includes some local Orange Blossom Honey.  Thus the name Caribbean O.B. (orange blossom) Juan (Spanish for the brewer of course) Irish (for the bottler) Draught Ale.   And just a little twist in there on the upcoming Star Wars movie!  Gotta keep it light!